Thursday, March 27, 2014

Somewhere We Can't Find

As a species, we are always looking for reasons and explanations that help us understand the world and events. Even during the unfortunately named Dark Ages, tremendous advancements were being made in science, architecture, art, and philosophy.  We are by our very nature seekers who are satisfied for only a very short time before we want to know more, but sometimes we have to come to grips with the fact that we will never know.

A plane veered off-course and was lost with two-hundred and thirty-six people.  A horrible thing to happen and of course we would like to know what caused this.  We would like to know if there was some flaw in the design of the craft, we would like to know if this is some wretched new form of terrorism, and some would like to know whether or not this was a black hole.  (That last was actually a point of discussion on a television news show that features people who are supposedly journalists.)

Sadly, it was clear within the first twelve hours that plane was gone and the people were dead.  Heart breaking for their families, we can be sure of that, but why has it captivated us to the degree that it has?  Is it because these are people who climb into planes and fly to other countries?  Can we relate to them because that means they were people with resources and influence, people like us?

Vast amounts of money and uncounted hours of manpower have been spent trying to find the plane, to explain what happened, and no doubt the search, and the questions, will go on for months, if not years, and the answers most likely will never be found.  During this time, displaced people are  and will be suffering horribly in refugee camps. Why doesn't the picture of a Syrian woman holding the corpse of a baby result in the same outpouring of time and treasure?  Why aren't the images of naked and malnourished children from Sudan being shown on the twenty-four hour news programs?

We do know that Malaysian airport security left something to be desired and let's hope they and other countries work to fix those issues, even though they may have nothing to do with the the disappearance of the plane.  We can't make that plane fly out of the clouds and land in Beijing, but there are more than two-hundred and thirty-six lives we can start saving.  Let's start looking at them and let's start saving them today.