Sunday, September 7, 2014

Corduroy Day!

This morning it was about forty degrees when I got up at five.  Yeah, I get up at five every morning so I've got ample time to drink massive amounts of coffee before young Bodie (highly energetic Golden Retriever) and I head out for our morning hike.

It's been fairly warm up here lately, at least by northern Vermont standards, but a cold front came through yesterday giving us a nice rain to help the pumpkins and squash get to where they need to be.  The rain and clouds are gone, but the front left a lovely chill in the air that feels and smells like autumn. Ran into a flock of wild turkeys on the trail and I even heard the distinctive gobble in the square when I stopped at the country store for the paper this morning  The maples, that iconic symbol of autumn in Vermont, are starting to be worthy of enthusiastic comment.

I knew it was coming of course.  Just this week I put away the Nicaraguan pottery on the dining room table and set up my collection of wooden duck decoys. (I know that sounds awfully Martha Stewart-ish, but I think it's important that the reader knows who they are dealing with.)  On a more practical level, we're getting a delivery of seven tons of wood pellets for the furnace this week and I've got a pyramid of our home-grown acorn squash on the counter.  And I'm giving some real thought to changing out the welcome flag to the one with the pumpkins.  The flag thing is practical in its own way, but I haven't figured out what that way is just yet.

Call them signs of the season or portents from the gods, but it was clear to me by 5:15 this morning that it was Corduroy Day.  The hike takes about an hour to complete and I spent most of that time deciding how to honor this day when the tee-shirts, the linen pants, the sundresses and the flip flops can be taken upstairs and traded out for real clothes.  It's not the day when the when the boots or anything wool comes down of course.  I'm not a savage after all.

This is the day to bring down just the cords and a few lightweight sweaters.  I sifted through my collection and found a wonderful turtleneck with just a suggestion of burnished gold threading.  Not tarty in anyway of course, just a little more festive than Sunday morning usually requires.  While I was in the off-season closet I did take a moment to check in on the gorgeous ski sweaters to make sure they'd made it through the summer.  Happy to report that they are all well and accounted for.

Thanks to the fact that I hike every morning and no longer eat a pound a chocolate a day, I am sitting here in my smallest pair of fawn colored cords.  Given that it is Corduroy Day I even put on earrings, bracelets and enough make-up to look quite festive, at least I think I think I look festive and I'm the only one here this morning except for young Bodie so my opinion is the only one that actually counts.  In fact, I think I  look so good that I'll head over to Amanda's Greenhouse and find out if she has some small mums for the window boxes since the things I planted in May are dying back.  I might even head over to the Notterman's farm to buy some tiny pumpkins to really make those window boxes pop.

Have a wonderful Corduroy Day.