Tuesday, September 9, 2014

There in the kayak

He lifted his head slowly at the sound of the oar in the water. Groggy from sleep and the drone of the women's voices he shook his head and watched as the kayak, the yellow kayak approached.

Two kayaks he realized, but the second one held yet another older woman.  He thought, not for the first time that the whole lake, his whole world was filled with these women.  Smart, if you didn't think they were, you only had to ask them and they would tell you.  Stylish with their obsessive attention to clothes and the earrings they all wore.  They all wore them, but they all expected that the first thing he would do would be to nibble at those earrings, pull at them while they squealed and pretended to push him away.

Pushed him away while they stroked his back and told him how beautiful he was.  A beautiful young animal they would call him and nuzzle his neck while his nose, his whole brain was filled with the scent of their shampoo, their lotions, their lack of youth and fecundity.

He sauntered to the end of the dock, his hips taking on a rhythm as old as time and he watched her in the yellow kayak.  Tall, even though she was sitting down he could see she was tall, had to be with those long graceful arms.  Her hair, almost the color of his, spilled down one side of her head and rested on her small breast, snug in the top of her bikini.  A towel was across her waist, but he could see it was flat like an athlete's.

She pulled up and started talking to the older women on the dock.  The same ones who always told him how much he was loved and how much he was valued.  Almost shaking with desire he reached out across the water to touch her, nothing more, not yet.  She smiled and stroked his face and he smelled the heat of her skin, that smell of fertility that wafted across that few inches of water.

"Who is this gorgeous beast?"  Her voice was high and pure as she stared into his eyes with eyes the color of lake water.

"This is Bodie."  The woman laughed and gave his tail a quick scratch.  "I should warn you he just loves young women, Vanessa.

They all starting chattering and laughing, but the one in the yellow kayak held his paw anyway.